Tracking is a sport that everyone can easily adjust to their needs!  Whether you have puppies or old dogs, slow dogs or fast dogs, a lot of time or not much at all, is you like exercise or not so much, tracking can fit into your schedule.tracking

People can start tracking with their 8 week old puppies just around the house and yard for fun.  You can work your way up to competition and earn titles at three levels.  When your dog is old and grey you can still track, spend quality time bonding and enjoy the beautiful days together.  Truly a sport for everyone!

Our first 8 week session will give you the basics.  How to get started, how to lay track, how to read your dog,  how to track on different surfaces.

Once you have the basics you can continue to track with us on a drop in basis.  You can progress as far as you want or as little as you want, its all up to you. Try something new with your dog, come join us for some sniffing good fun!



Title Names




  TD Certification


Field, 440-500 yards, 30 minutes-2 hours old, 3 to 5 turns, 1 start and 1 ending article. REQUIRED prior to entering a TD test


  Tracking Dog

Field, 440-500 yards, 30 min to 2 hours old, 3 to 5 turns, 1 start and 1 ending article


Tracking Dog Excellent

Field, 800 to 1000 yards, 3 to 5 hours old, 5 to 7 turns, 1 start, 2 intermediate and 1 ending article


  Variable Surface Training

Urban, 600 to 800 yards, 3 to 5 hours old, 4 to 7 turns, 1 hard surface turn, 1 start, 2 intermediate and 1 ending articles.


  Champion Tracker

Awarded to any dog who earns all three AKC tracking titles.


Tracking Dog Urban

This is an optional tilting event.  This tests the dog's ability to follow at least a 400 yard track laid by a person under a variety of scenting conditions in an urban environment and to find the articles dropped by that person.

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Current Events


We will hold a Spring tracking class, either beginner or intermediate if there is interest.  Please get your applications in ASAP.


 The American Kennel Club Tracking Regulations state ..

  • The purpose of a tracking test is to demonstrate the dog's ability to recognize and follow human scent, a skill that is useful in the service of mankind.
  • Tracking, by nature, is a vigorous, noncompetitive outdoor sport. Tracking tests demonstrate the willingness and enjoyment of the dog in its work, and should always represent the best in sportsmanship and camaraderie by the people involved.
  • Tracking is a team sport in the truest sense. In true team effort, a handler working as a team with his or her dog exhibits a real understanding of the dog's motivation and commitment to the task at hand. The handler is able to read his or her dog and communicate with it to accomplish their goal.
  • The tracking fraternity is known for its friendliness, hospitality, and encouragement of all participants.

AKC Tracking Regulations